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We grow all our buds using an all-natural process, ensuring every product we sell is free of harmful chemicals.
Due to our high quality control standards, we take great care to keep our stock free of stems and other plant matter.
The cannabis we carry is a less harmful substitute for alcohol and other prescription painkillers, including opioids.
Our educated staff has a healthcare background and can help you select what’s right for your situation.
Why Flower & Concentrates?
If you’re a newcomer to the medical marijuana scene, it’s important to note cannabis flower, concentrates, and pre-rolls are not all one in the same. Flower is convenient to consume and tends to work best for short-term relief, while concentrates are a lot more potent and pre-rolls are more discreet. We can help you navigate these options and others. While each strain’s effects on the body vary, in general cannabis flower and concentrates have been known to:
Control epileptic seizures
Relieve arthritis discomfort
Be of some use in treating glaucoma
Decrease anxiety and reduce stress
Reduce pain and nausea from chemotherapy
Help with inflammatory bowel diseases
Help with muscle spasms and pain related to multiple sclerosis
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